Ski season is coming to an end and it's time to take care about tomorrow. Owners of recreational complexes and resorts are already beginning to prepare equipment and machinery for the summer hibernation. We are ready to help in this!

At this time, in the spring and summer, falls on the shoulders of the leaders of the need to repair and maintenance of complex, ski equipment.To release the hands in the offseason, offer the services of the company "Poltava-SKI".Our experts will make inspection cableways, hold dismantling chairs and cabins, splicing of the rope.Snow system, snow groomers will be carefully inspected and preserved until first snow.We will help you to correct the slopes, to strengthen the road.In addition, if your intention is extension in the offseason, our specialists, designers realize any bold experiments. Be sure - "Poltava-SKI" does everything that you met fully prepared the next season!

We are ready to individual services as well as comprehensive servicing your ski resort for many seasons. Working with "Poltava-SKI" you have at your disposal is not anything but a skillful hand, and knowledgeable manager who understands how you can develop recreational businesses with the greatest benefit.