Qualitative projecting – guaranty of the long-lived successful activity in any sphere. Ski resorts and cable ways demand special approach, because building works are always conducted in the atypical conditions. “Poltava-SKI” provides the whole range of the services in projecting of the cable ways and winter rest parks.


We have smth to be proud of, but we want to achieve more. Specialist of “Poltava-SKI” realized project-constructing works on the ski resorts in such countries as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kasakhstan, and some projects are realized in Ukraine. We have been working on the market of construction-projecting services for more than 10 years.

The way we work

Specialists of “Poltava-SKI” deal with detail analysis of the object perspectives development, taking into account geographical conditions, location, previously estimated amounts of investments and profit, which helps to prevent unpurposed expenses in the future. Our experts, if the customer wishes, can conduct analysis of the perspective development of the whole mountain zone in the chosen region. We provide next services:

  • Technical consultation on the preproject and project stages
  • Study of the building process contains not only the question of the project works, but also analysis of the development perspectives as in size of concrete object, so well in size of the whole region in general. 
  • Working project is developed on the basis of the application from the customer acc to normative conditions of the country, where building works are conducted. 
  • Author supervision, which is realized by our specialists, guarantees high correspondence of the projecting works to the following plans realization in construction. 
  • Technical supervision, which provides “Poltava-SKI” is aimed at the constant control of the quality of project and construction works. 
  • Handling over the project in operation takes place while direct participation of the customer. Our company provides operative execution of all necessary administrative documentation. 

Caring for the environment

Already on the projecting stage we care of the environment and try to construct the object in such a way, that the eco-system of the region will not suffer from the building works or further activity. Projects of “Poltava-SKI” are developed according to the European safety norms as for the guests, and for the nature of the region in general. We use only high qualitative certificated equipment.

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