Used Snow Groomers

PistenBully snow groomers have significant mechanical resource and high construction strengths. That is why many of them change two or three owners during the exploitation period, without any repairs. Wear-out period of main functional elements is 15 years. Today PistenBully snow groomers are being used in more than 60 countries of the world. Large part of them is Used Machinery. Used machines are very popular. Buying such machine is a good opportunity to get modern high-quality equipment for cheap price. 

Used Snow Groomers can be of four grades of repair.

  • Economy – it was diagnosed, it has the control sheet, list of malfunctions and list of parts needed to be replaced. This grade of snow groomers are out of any repair, they are sold in the same condition as they were received from the previous owner;
  • Standart – diagnosed machine with light repair and change of broken mechanisms and units. Followed with a warranty for 500 m.h. (1 season);
  • Premium – totally repaired machines including cosmetic exterior repair. Followed with a warranty for 1000 m.h. (1 season);
  • Select – snow groomers in a perfect shape. Engine and units are restored as if they were new and supported with the following certificates from company-producer. Followed with full warranty (as for the new machine) and a voucher for operators’ instruction free of charge. Every PistenBully snow groomer has DEKRA certification. Owner can use additional 100 hours of service attendance and two summer revisions.