Peat handling

Peat handling was never so simple
In connection with reduction of flammable carbohydrate the part of peat, as power industry fuel becomes bigger. Peat is broadly used in agriculture. Specialists of «PistenBully» have developed snow-groomer with optimal tools set for peat handling. Small pressure on the ground gives possibility to the machine to move freely across the swamps and multifunctional attachments allow to extract peat with the help of milling or earthmoving technique. Basis for this machine is famous «PistenBully 300», which is famous for its multifunctionality and reliability. There is no doubt, that a strong side of peat handling machine «GreenTech» is unloading of humid peat with its following distribution and also surface recultivation after its extraction.
The following attachments can be used:
  • Standard All-Way-Blade up to 5.30 m in width 
  • Milled peat blade with high yield steel edges and up to 7 m3 volume 
  • Swathe blade with 600 tilt to spread peat windrows 
  • Peat tillers in various designs 
  • Cultivator for loosening peat layers (up to 7.00 m working width ) 
  • Frost cultivator (up to 4.50 m working width) 
  • Mowing and mulching tools for habitat care or to prepare new excavation areas 
  • Trench cutters and peat pilers to build walls