Flexible approach to your affairs

Leitner Telemix is the ideal combination of two types of ropeways which can satisfy needs of transporting skiers as well as simple visitors. It is a mix of detachable chairlift and gondola lift. It became possible thanks to high level of unit’s unification. Telemix combined the best features of these two ropeways: economic, comfortable, reliable and highly efficient.

Leitner Telemix Advantages:

  • Modular concept of stations, flexible design;
  • High quality as a result of using strong and durable materials;
  • Simple in use and services because of technical innovations patented by the company;
  • Moving parts have high level of weather resistance (water, humidity, snow etc.);
  • For experienced skiers, the comfortable chairs are the fast track to skiing pleasures, while non-skiers, enjoy the comfort and extra safety of the gondolas.

Chairlift can be equipped with two- or four-seat chairs and possible seats’ heating or polycarbonate blister to protect passengers from weather influence. Gondola lift can be equipped with two types of cabins “Diamond” and “Ruby”. “Diamonds” passenger capacity differs from 4 to 10 according to the equipment. Cabin can be equipped with a series of additional gadgets (seats heating, ski holders, etc.). “Ruby” is designed for 8 passengers. Every Chair and Cabin is equipped with the hydraulic amortization system, which prevents it from swinging in the wind.