Automatic, fast, economical, ecological, almost silent – this is the kind of transport Leitner Company has designed.

MiniMetro now successfully operates in Hong-Kong, New-York, Innsbruck and Perugia. This is the best short- and middle-distance transport. It fits ideal for cities, big scientific or trade centers and large industrial hubs. 

  • Economical. MiniMetro requires low investments in launching. Maintenance of the system is far less expensive than for other types of transport. Automation made employees involvement in motion of small cabins (less than 50 passengers) unnecessary. No complicated engines and low number of mechanisms allows avoiding a large part of technical attendance. All mentioned above significantly lowers operating costs. 
  • Low power consumption. Railroad cars are moved by central drive. While downtime and stops railroad cars almost doesn’t consume electricity. During braking, engine turns into generator and energy is collected back to electricity grid. 
  • Environmental safety. MiniMetro is automatic, electrical railroad transport and its’ engine does not pollute environment. Railroad cars are moving on rubber wheels which reduce noise. 
  • Flexibility of use. Described equipment can work in any weather conditions. Automated cabin control system gives an opportunity to illuminate human factor . Cabin arrives on station strictly according to timetable. Small intervals between cabins will not make passengers wait for too long on the stop. 

Speed: 14 m/s
Capacity in one direction: 8000 p/hr. (with fixed clams) and 3000 p/hr. (with automatic system).