Responsible and complex work must be carried out by skilled experts.

Our long-time customers at "BUKOVEL" are always acting according to this principle, that’s why they regularly order services on which we have been specializing for many years.

On usual chair lifts, in 99% of cases, only one rope is used which serves as a hauling and pulling rope. In this case, we can say that the safety of passengers literally hangs on this rope. Therefore, it must be strong, reliable and timely serviced.

From time to time the ropes have the ability to stretch and there comes a time when they need to be shortened in order to continue safe operation of a ropeway. For this job one should invite a professional who is highly qualified.

Today, we continue to perform work on shortening the ropes of several ropeways of the BUKOVEL SKI RESORT, our employees perform their duties qualitatively, professionally and on time, despite all the inconveniences and obstacles that arise in their path (see photo)!

We thank Sergey Radko and Ruslan Lotov for the inspirational work and we are waiting for you at home!

All our clients and readers are advised to service all their equipment in a timely manner and use the services of professionals.

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