In November 2013 Poltava-SKI professionals worked at the ropeway of Western-Rehabilitation-Sport-Center of National committee of sports of disabled people, located in the village Yavir, Lviv region. 

The Western-Rehabilitation-Sport-Center is a unique sport-training complex of Eastern Europe. This object is considered as possible for development of the “Olympic hope – 2022”. Trainings of Ukrainian Paralympic teams are held in this center.
In November 2013 Poltava-SKI made the technical maintenance of 2-seat chair lift. Our professionals made adjustments of roller batteries on towers. Chairs of the ropeway were moved. Now Ropeway is working normally.

Repairs of ropeways, technical maintenance and expert opinion about modernization – are the main activities of Poltava-SKI. Years of experience, appreciation and support of international colleagues allows us to work on project of different difficulty, achieving high results of work.