Repairs of 8-passenger gondola lift in Tbilisi city center

Few days ago Poltava-SKI specialist came back from Georgia, where they made a repair on one of popular ‘must see’ in Tbilisi.

Ropeway– a transportation system with long history. Peopletransportedcargosandpassengersusingropessinceancienttimes. Tillnowadaysropewaysexperiencedmanychanges(newtypesappeared, newspheresofuse, moderntechnologies, perception changed), today peopleseeropeways as cabinsand chairs.

Whileoneimportantthing, whichactuallycreatedthedefinition “ropeways”experienced few changes,we’re talking about the rope.

Themostimportantelement, withoutwhichropewayscouldnolongerexist, it demands many attention and control, while life of passengers is holding on it.

Our specialistmade preparation:

-          Unloading of rope from the tower;

-          Install of clamps;

-          Tighteningof the rope;

-          Preparation of instruments;

-          And other.

Afterthat, incooperationwithLeitnerAGandRedaelliourmechanics made repair works and replacement of worn elements of the rope.

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