Commissioning work on chairlift, of ski resort «Shymbulak»

Summer is a perfect time to diagnose possible problems and make necessary adjustments of ski resort equipment. That’s what our fitters are doing at this moment for our client – ski resort «Shymbulak». 

Almaty with its developed recreational infrastructure is already pretending to hold the Winter Olympics in 2022. «Shymbulak» ski resort is located near the city, at the forefront of infrastructure. We already wrote about mounting works of 2 garages of LEITNER «TMH-4-8» ropeway - «Combi-1» and «Combi 2».

At this moment «Poltava-SKI» together with Italian professionals from the «Leitner» company are doing the maintenance works for ropeways «Combi-1» and «Combi 2», and preparing for the commissioning of garages for rolling stock (chairs and booths).

If you want your ski resort or recreational resort to meet new season «fully armored» you should invite «Poltava-SKI». Experience and advanced technologies, which we actively introduce in former soviet countries we will use to ensure you of trouble-free and reliably operating ski equipment.