Presentation of the new All Season GreenTech for bushes mulching in Vinnitsa

First time in Ukraine there was a presentation of special purpose machine “PistenBully 100 All Season” designed for various special works and agriculture. 

Presentation of new machines was made during the International competitions of power engineers of the CIS countries in Vinnitsa. The “PistenBully 100 All Season” machine is first of all designed to clean bushes and shrub, while it can be turned into “winter” machine via attachments. These machines were created at the “Kässbohrer” on the basis of “PistenBully 100” on request of the Vinnitsa South-West Energy System. This special machine can build path on the territory covered by high shrub, cane and young trees up to 10cm in diameter. Low ground pressure allows PistenBully to move on unstable surfaces.


While testing the machine has shown itself very good. In future its main task will be to clean spaces under the power lines. “Poltava-SKI” in cooperation with the producer of these machines “PistenBully” can propose you a wide range of special purpose machines as well as professional service and repair works for snow groomers and other PistenBully machines. In order to prolong the period of work for these valuable machines we often hold trainings and special courses for the snow groomer drivers of all types.