Service work at the GD8 Dohuk in Kurdistan was successful

Planned service works for rope shortening were made fast and professionally by mutual efforts of Poltava-SKI and Leitner Ropeways.

Right on time, high-quality service is – first of all safety of employees and passengers. That’s why manufacturer LEITNER Ropeways and service company Poltava-SKI strongly recommend all the customers to hold on time maintenance works on all their ropeways. Only this way you can keep equipment in working condition for many years as well as keep comfort and safety on appropriate level.

One of the most loaded elements of ropeway is its’ basis – the rope. We just did the service maintenance of this element on GD8 Dohuk.  Nowadays various types of ropes are used in the world depending on necessities of certain terrain and type of equipment. But no matter what kind of rope there is on time high-quality shortening should be held anyway.

On this object all works were done according to the plan, on time and on appropriate level, thanks to professionalism of Poltava-SKI, many years of experience LEITNER Ropeways and very good support from the customer.