Our mechanic finished his 2.5 months study program in Germany

In the ever-changing world, we always try to be one-step ahead. That is why our specialists often study and obtain requalification at the world leading companies-producers.

In February 2014, a group of our specialists already had studies at the LEITNER ropeways, that program was about sales tools.

Few days ago our mechanic arrived from the Laupheim (Germany) where at the Kässbohrer GF plant he studied how to repair and hold maintenance of Pistenbully snow groomers and based on them special purpose machines GreenTech. He went through all process of rebuilding the PistenBully into GreenTech (assembling and reassembling of all tools, equipment and mechanisms). It was not the first time that our specialists had courses at the Kässbohrer. Every year there are numerous trainings and courses, presentations and meetings where Poltava-SKI takes part.

We use received knowledge to enhance the service maintenance and repairs of snow groomers in Ukraine. You can find out more about services of our company here or by phone: +38 (067) 571 07 15.