High-quality building can only be constructed using real high-quality materials. Alpen BAU specialists follow this opinion when they work on their projects. That is why this company is world’s recognized producer of building materials and polypropylene pipes. 

Specialists of the company in their developments take into account molecular and atomic level of interaction between various materials. That is exactly how Nanoalps polymer additives came into life and allowed to transform even local pure soil into building material. Now Nanoalps products consist of 3 main types of additives: 

– additives on silicon basis which improves viscosity of materials. Road surface made with adding of System SOIL, allows reducing quantity of other building materials and in fact refusing stabilizing layer.

– additives which in cooperation with other building materials create drainage layer which successfully absorbs moisture.

– silicon additive which creates moisture resistant layer which protects the surface under it.
Irreplaceable additive in creation landfills for rubbish.

Despite innovative approach and significant quality, Alpen BAU building materials are not more expensive than their analogs. Whilst high-quality and long lifetime make them very beneficial for customers pocket. Natural and artificial non-toxic materials which serve for production of Alpen BAU products are safe for the environment.