PistenBully 100

Qualitative, confidently, functionally

Among other snow groomers of the company series 100 is distinguished by the usage flexibility and functionality. It has some modifications, which do this machine universal in different questions decision. High passability across the snow, swamps and tropical slopes are achieved on account of low weight center, minimal pressure on the ground and high motor capacity.

Snow groomers “PistenBully” create perfect ski tracks, equip ski slopes, transport people and loads in inaccessible for other transport places, fulfill the functions of the agricultural and special machinery. Doubtless advantages of this model are modular construction and universal mountings for optional equipment.
100 series of snow-groomers for our customers can be in the next modifications:
  • Standart (basic)
  • Trail (equipped with the tank of increased capacity)
  • Indoor (machines for the work indoor)
  • FlexMobil (cross-country modification for people and load transporting)
  • AllSeason (all-terrain vehicle for swampy places with unsteady ground)