Your universal set of instruments

Box for transportation

This is how transportation problem solution looks like. Box is resistant for temperature and atmosphere influences. Neither rain nor snow can influence on cargo. Safety and immunity is guaranteed by locker. Due to universal fastenings, this device can be easily attached to blade PistenBully ParkBlade. Box is built on 1-2 mm. galvanized metal basis. Inside construction is covered with rubber coating.
Height with legs – 1100 mm
Height without les – 650 mm
Width – 950 mm
Length – 2800 mm
Weight – 180 kg

Blade ParkBlade

ParkBlade is multifunctional device for creation and correction of fun-parks, border-cross tracks and moving of different snow figures. Additional functions are activated by pedal switch, corner sections can be fixed in different positions. Operator controls blades’ teeth hydraulic system by joystick. ParkBlade has a finisher which allows the creation of winter park figures. Blade is compatible with PistenBully 200 Park, PistenBully 300 Park, PistenBully 400 Park and PistenBully 600 Park models. It can also be attached to basic models of 200, 300, 400 and 600 series after previous fastening adaptation. 
Operating width – 5400 mm
Length – 700 mm
Width – 40 mm
Height – 75 mm
Space between teeth – 2130 mm
Top edge of teeth – 725 mm (from blades’ bottom)
Bottom edge of teeth – 685 mm (from blades’ bottom)
Maximal allowed weight – 1000 kg
Teeth controls – hydraulic 

Cutter AlpinFlex

AlpinFlex is lightweight. Thanks to wipers system, finishers’ focus promotes maximum adapting for relief. Mills’ rollers response for snow processing and transportation inside the mills’ bunker. Perfect torque is guaranteed even in the hardest conditions. Powerful dampers press mills to the surface equally. AlpinFlex is equipped with side finisher which helps to avoid side mounds. Its’ work is controlled by hydraulic cylinder. Ease of service is the feature of this cutter. Teeth and axles are produced with fine-grained solid steel of slow wear-out. AlpinFlex can be mounted on Snow groomers PistenBully 400 and PistenBully 600 on basic version and version with winch. 
Width of fixed parts – 4700 mm
Width of intermediate finisher – 5500 mm
Width of hydraulic removable side-finisher – 6050 mm
Maximum cutter axle’s torque – 1600 t/min
Cutters’ teeth quantity – 290 pieces
Cutters’ axle diameter – 300 mm
Cutters’ drive – 63 cm3 hydraulic engine
Maximum productivity – 126 000 m2/hour
Weight (with intermediate finisher) – 995 kilos
Weight (with hydraulic removable side-finisher) – 1050 kilos

Front cutting rotor

Front cutting rotor can be applied for distribution and transfer of snow, making of snow slopes, creating new and cleaning old tracks. This installation consists of cutter spiral and two rotor wheels with two collectors for snow release. Snow releasing tubes can turn on 2500, inclination angle is variable. Range of snow release is controlled by operator from the cabin. All PistenBully Snow groomers can be equipped with front cutting rotor.

Rotor for PistenBully 100:
Cutter spiral diameter – 550 mm
Impeller-thrower diameter – 520 mm
Clearing area width – 2700 mm
Clearing area height – 720 mm
Total height – 1600 mm
Throwing distance (regulated) – up to 30 m
Weight – 640 kg

Rotor for PistenBully 200, 300, 400, 600:
Cutter spiral diameter – 750 mm
Impeller-thrower diameter – 750 mm
Excavation pit on the right and left sides – (both sides) 800 mm
Clearing area width – 4300 mm
Total width – 2700 mm
Throwing distance (regulated) – up to 40 m
Weight – 970 kg

Ski track roaders

Roaders create tracks for sport competitions and for mass usage. It is possible to create track with lane on the right or on the left side, total up to 4 parallel lines during one passing. All variances of roaders are equipped with changeable plates. They also have VarioTrackDesigner device. Width and amount of line are variable. Line brackets with rubber amortization promote stable uniformly motion of plates on turns. 

Half-Pipe creation and correction equipment PipeMagician

PipeMagician is a segmental construction which can be adjusted for any half-pipe. 
Patented drive system promotes quick preparation of equipment for operating on left or right side. Two hydraulic engines move the track along the semi parabolic frame. Angles of construction and wall interaction can be changed for better results. Finisher makes final surface aligning. It’s possible to create half-pipe for professionals as well as for amateurs using PipeMagician. This installation can be mounted on universal Snow groomerconnection while low-weight promotes its’ usage on machines of all series starting with PistenBully 240D.
PipeMagician for PistenBully 200, 300, 400, 600:
Radius – 5000 mm
Height – 3700 mm
Weight – 1340 kg
Moving left and right – 450 mm
Width – 5850 mm 
In an assembled state:
Width – 4000 mm
Height – 2000 mm

Snowboard transportation box

Box is designed for transportation of 20 pairs of skis, although it can be used on medical and rescue machines as a place for rescue sledges transportation. Construction is mounted on two tubular supports which are attached to the cabin on the left side. Material of construction is sheet aluminum. There are 4 cells for easy placement of skis and snowboards. Box is mounted on Snow groomers with cabin for 15 people or on machines with new engine technology.

Length – 2105 mm
Height – 635 mm
Width – 635 mm
Width including fastenings – 800 mm
Cargo weight – up to 250 kg

Cabins for transporting passengers (5, 10, 15 or 20 people)

Cabins are based on metal rigidity frame with fiberglass sections. Cabins are certified according to ROPS equipment safety norms. They are equipped with two folding benches forwards and two against the motion. Automated safety belts and rails work as an additional security. Cabin heating is diesel. Connection between driver and passengers is by phone. Minimum time and efforts needed to mount and demount cabin to prepare it for passenger or cargo transportation. Due to cabin capacity they can be mounted on Snow groomers of different series.

Cabin for 15-20 people (for PistenBully 200, 300, 300Polar, 400, 600):
Height – 1710 mm
Width – 2450 mm
Length – 2950 mm
Total height (Snow groomer+ cabin) – 3000 mm
Weight – 920 kg
Load – up to 1600 kg
Tank capacity – 10 liters
Cabin for 10 people (for PistenBully 100, 200, 300, 400, 600):
Height – 1730 mm
Width – 2300 mm
Length – 2140 mm
Total height (Snow groomer+ cabin) – 3010 mm
Weight – 730 kg
Load – 750 kg
Tank capacity – 10 liters
Cabin for 5 people (for PistenBully 100):
Height – 1730 mm
Width – 2300 mm
Length – 1500 mm
Total height (Snow groomer+ cabin) – 2800 mm
Weight – 590 kg
Load – up to 700 kg
Tank capacity – 8 liters

PistenBully Telemetry

Talking about work on mountainous slopes, machine breakages are unacceptable. That is why PistenBully professionals have developed CAN Snow groomer technical state controllers’ network. They constantly provide analysis of mechanisms wear-out, speed factors, attachments operation. Controllers send important data about machines state to the server. Data transfer can be secured with individual password. Remote access shortens the time and expenses for diagnostics and repair because operator and technicians know the full picture of malfunctions or wear-outs, it becomes possible due to CAN-to-CAN module. Yet only PistenBully 600 and PistenBully 600 polar are equipped with such system. 

SNOWSat system

It’s an integrated real-time surveillance and coordination of snow grooming machines work system. The basis of this system is GPS-navigation. SNOWSat provides coordination of each Snow groomer activity as well as collects information about snow deepness and improves work efficiency. Today this system is available in 4 variances and can be installed on Snow groomers PistenBully 400 and PistenBully 600. Other models can also use this equipment, as additional.

4.5 Tons Winch

Kässbohrer is an innovator in the sphere of Snow groomer winches. One of the newest developments is 4.5 tons turning winch used at PistenBully 600. Machines which are equipped with this device can do their job on steep slopes and move much more snow. Thanks to introduction of modern technologies rope working-time was prolonged for 20%. Winch operations make no risk for driver-operator because sensors provide constant control of rope length, tension, torsion and in case of breakage driver receives warning. Mechanism operation can be controlled visually, by rear camera. 

Snow transportation system

Snow transportation system can be easily mounted on the blade. Snow is rolled into an open bunker using 12-positional blade. When there is enough snow loader goes down so the snow is compressed and compacted. If loader is closed it’s possible to raise and transport load to needed place. Snow transportation systems can be installed on Snow groomers: PistenBully 200, 300, 400 and 600 and also on PistenBully 240, 280D.

Width – 4200 mm
Weight – 250 kg
Cargo capacity – 2.4 m3

Snow bucket

Additional attachment for snow transportation or cleaning works. Hydraulic cylinder allows two levels of regulation. Loading and unloading is held by lifting and lowering with tipping. All work processes are controlled from the drivers’ cabin. Bucket is produced of high-quality sheet steel and it has corrosion-resistant covering. Following Snow groomers can be equipped with this device: PistenBully 200, 300, 400, 600 and PistenBully 240, 280D. 
Width – 4200 mm
Weight – 310 kg
Cargo capacity – 2 m3