Processing Silo

Save space and time.

Gathering and compact placement of silo is one of the most important parts of work for many agricultural companies and even energy objects (where products of its’ rotting and fermentation can serve as fuel for biogas stations). Such issues can be easily done by snow groomer PistenBully 300 GreenTech. Earlier processing silo was held by normal agricultural wheel and caterpillar machines, while snow groomers are perfect alternative. Now you will see why:

  • Low ground pressure allows accumulating more silo packs and put more packs easily on their top. It is possible to place silo compactly on small surface.
  • Snow groomer’s track compresses top silo and lowers its’ size. It’s important in silo bunkers ramming.
  • Multi-positional blade allows to pick up silo and not to disperse it.
  • Attachments are easy to change to adapt machine for different job.
  • Due to powerful engine and turning speed, snow groomer makes more than normal agricultural machines in the same period of time.