Pulsed Gondola Ropeways

Modern system of transportation for short distances

Pulsed Gondola Ropeways fit perfectly for regions with difficult relief. Their core values are simplicity, accessibility and resistance to weather influences, so they can be used year round. Due to the Leitner patented amortization system Gondolas are highly resistant to the wind. Just as other Leitner products, Pulsed Gondola Ropeways are focused on maximal level of passengers comfort and full security of transportation.

A set of carriers travels between stations using single or twin haul ropes. Pulsed Gondola Ropeways can be also equipped with one lifting rope. There is a choice of carriers’ passenger capacity beginning from 4 persons. Coupled with flexible design this ropeways appear as a universal transport for short distances, which fits perfectly for cities as well as for ski-resorts or green areas where other types of transport are dangerous for the environment. 

Speed: up to 12 m/sec.
Cabin capacity: up to 15 people