Inclined Elevators

Modern solution for old problems

New development of Leitner is a perfect solution for short-distance transportation of people in a complicated terrain conditions. Inclined Elevators operate on short distances with constant incline. Upper station has driving system and lower has amortization system. High level of automation let to avoid cabin operator work. Control of movement is held by passengers on stations or in the cabin, as in a usual elevator.
Advantages of Inclined Elevators:

  • Simple in use and service;
  • Easy accessible (especially for disabled people);
  • Low costs of services;
  • Highly secure and comfortable;

In the Inclined Elevators, Leitner professionals combined technical achievements of ropeways with doctrine of elevators. Flexible approach to design let to find optimal equipment for different conditions.

Technical characteristics:
Efficiency: average 600 p/hour.
Speed: up to 4 m/sec.
Cabin capacity: up to 40 people