Gondola Ropeways

Distinguishing feature of world’s high-class ski resorts

“Leitner” Gondola Ropeways were designed with regard to four main features, which this kind of equipment should have. They are: economical, reliable, comfortable and highly productive. Single-cable circular ways fit perfectly for any operation conditions. Now “Leitner” Gondola Ropeways provide daily transport for hundreds of people on world’s famous ski resorts as well as above jungles of tropic countries and populous European city centers.
Undoubted advantages of Gondola Ropeways are:

  • Modular system with high level of unit unification;
  • Compact size of the station;
  • Providing many technical innovations, patented by “Leitner” company;
  • Possibility of combination and renovation of old equipment.

These Ropeways could be equipped with two types of modern cabins – “Diamond” and “Ruby” both of them are excellent from technical and design points of view. “Diamond” is designed for transportation of 4 to 10 passengers. Cabin can be equipped with ceilings of varying heights and number of additional gadgets (heated seats, stands for skis etc.). “Ruby” is designed for 8 passengers and it has a fixed ceiling height. All cabins move smoothly and are minimally affected by wind. Amortization suspension provides passengers with a comfortable trip.