Funiculars Leitner

The fastest rail mounted transport at your service

Funiculars are the modern railway city transport which has minimal effect on surrounding environment. The Train is characterized by high speed – up to 14 m/sec. It is obviously the fastest public transport possible to be created in terms of mounted ways.

Rail cars can be used as a single units as well as a train. The advantages of ecological and fast public transport have already been appreciated by such cities like Innsbruck (Austria) and Barcelona (Spain), where «Hungerburgbahn» and «Montjuic» funiculars operate. According to the “Time” magazine, funicular system in Innsbruck is one of the top 100 best projects; every month funiculars of this city and its’ green areas provide transportation of 40 000 passengers. Funiculars in Barcelona are completely integrated into public transportation system and provide transportation of 100 000 passengers monthly.

Capacity: up to 8000 p/hr.

Speed: up to 14 m/sec.

Cabin capacity: up to 400 people.