Fixed-Grip Chairlifts Leitner

Proven over the years, reliable, simple

Chairlifts – are the real hallmark of ski industry. Easy to use, accessible even for beginners, they conquer slopes together with hundreds of winter recreation lovers. 
What is the difference between Leitner Fixed-Grip Chairlifts and many others? We give the answer for this question.
  • Modular construction allows for easy montage of the equipment regardless of relief;
  • Adaptability of the equipment lowers untargeted spending of customers’ money;
  • Extreme quality and security – Leitner is uncompromising regarding such issues;
  • Only high-quality materials – aluminum, forged steel, corrosion protection;
  • Repairs (if you will ever need it) will be simple, as head nodes of the construction have excellent access;
  • Flexible approach to exterior of the stations;
You can be sure that ski-resort clients will really enjoy the ride on Chairlift. Seats of the Fixed-Grip Chairlifts have an elastic connection between frame and seat which makes the transportation process easy and comfortable.

Capacity: 3000 p/hr.
Speed: 2.8 m/sec.
Capacity of chairs: up to 6 people