Detachable Chairlifts

Universal choice

Only constant movement forward leads to keep up to date with the modern technologies development. That is why Leitner Company constantly improves existing and provides development of new samples of ropeway equipment. 
Detachable Chairlifts are the representatives of an old idea in a new framing of modern scientifically-technical approach. These lifts differ among others by:

  • High level of unification (in particular with gondola lifts) and modular construction;
  • Economic efficiency based on low operating costs and mounted technical service point on the terminal turning zone;
  • The best constructing materials, durable mechanisms;
  • Chairs stop system on the turning zone, which saves space;

Chairs can be equipped with polycarbonate caps and heated seats. This allows the usage of Detachable Chairlifts even in the cold weather conditions with severe winds. To balance swinging on the wind, Chairs are equipped with the hydraulic amortization.