Building works

“Poltava-SKI” provides building services of the summer\winter rest objects and also special technical ready-made installations. Our company was the first, which appeared on the Ukrainian market with the complex building offer in ski sphere. Now the finished objects of “Poltava-SKI” are situated all over the whole world, but individual approach, European quality and Ukrainian diligence combine them.

Construction of the cable ways.

In the question of cable ways construction we close collaborate with European experts of the firm “Leitner” – producer of the cable transport systems. “Poltava-SKI” realizes:

  • Marking of the technical constructions axle of the cable way
  • General building works
  • Engineering supply of the constructions
  • Equipment assembly works (new or used)
  • Commissioning works

Building of the artificial snow systems.

Our specialists realize pipe laying, building and assembly of the pump stations, communication constructions, equipment installation on the different type objects. Working experience of many years permits to find the optimal variant for the snowing of any slope. Now “Poltava-SKI” close collaborates with Fa “TechnoAlpin”- well-known in the world producer of the snowmaking technique.

Building of ski lines.

These objects demands of the special individual approach, because building works take place in the difficult conditions of the mountain slopes. We conduct: 
  • Territory cleaning from the forest;
  • Surface leveling at the cost of soil moving;
  • Engineering line forming;
  • Equipping protective constructions.
Works are held undertime – 2-6 months, depends on the project difficulty. 

Building of the non-residential premises.

«Poltava-SKI» conducts building works of the engineer constructions, communications, hydro-technical constructions and complexes. 

Building of the tubing lines and rodelbahn.

We realize planning and building of the resort parks, which are orientated on these entertainments, which become more and more popular in Europe. 
Except of the above mentioned building works we offer separate technical services, as author and technical supervision for the conducting of the building works, technical consultations, technical survey, inspection and diagnosis of the elements, blocks and cable ways parts technical state.