Finishing of building the Ropeway CF4 “Leviy Talgar” at the Shymbulak, Kazakhstan

In December 2012, our professionals has finished mounting and electro mounting works, splicing and commissioning works of LEITNER CF4 4-chairs lift “Leviy Talgar” at the ski resort Shymbulak which is located in beautiful canyon of Zaaliyski Alatay on 2260 m above the sea, only 25 km from the center of Almaty city.

Technical characteristics of CF4u Leviy Talgar:

  • single cable, circle, chair ropeway with fixed chairs
  • length: 894м 
  • elevation: 190м 
  • capacity: 2112 pass./ hr 
  • number of chairs: 106 pcs
  • number of towers: 7