For the second time mechanic company Poltava-SKI trained in the German factory Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG in Laupheim

During training at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG, he learned to perform:

•        to make a service for snowgroomers,

•        to held the first run, diagnostics and configuration snowgroomers after assembly on the conveyor company

•        perform replacement of pumps, gearboxes, hydraulic valves

•        diagnosis and correction of pressure in the hydraulic system

•        a full range of works from the collection, set-up and start Pisten Bully snowcat version Select.

As well as our mechanic was able to pass these trainings:

•        SCR system

•        service winch 4,5 t.

•        installation of new benefits and Truckee.

•        service Pistenbully 600 E (is allowed to conduct service)