Poltava-SKI professionals in cooperation with LEITNER made a repair of frame on ropeway #7 at the Bukovel resort

As always Poltava-SKI performs the most complicated and responsible works.

During one week, there were two visits onsite. While there, our professionals illuminated a problem on Ropeway #7 at Bukovel.


  • Our mechanics got rid of the problem that arose in the ropeway;

  • Modified the mechanism (according to LEITNER professionals advice), to avoid the same problem in future;

  • Made adjustments of main and emergency brakes of the ropeways;

  • Gave recommendations on future use and maintenance of equipment.

Poltava-SKI is a representative of LEITNERin Ukraine. We worked together on various projects: in Georgia ((NаrikalaMestia), Kazhakhstan (Shуmbulaк), Azerbaijan (Tufan, Quebele), та ін.

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