In the service center company "Poltava-SKI" have been trained snow groomers operators.

On December 04, 2013 Poltava-SKI together with Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG specialists: Mr. George Miller (an experienced mechanic and operator of PistenBully snow groomers, who has worldwide work experience) and Mr. Steve Jungans – CIS countries region Sales Manager, obtained the training for PistenBully snow groomers drivers. 

Training was held at PistenBully general representative service center in city Rakhiv, Transcarpathian region.
During the training drivers learned basic information about exploitation, maintenance, repairs and prognosed service of PistenBully snow groomers. Training included theoretical and practical parts. Specifics, maintenance and diagnosis of hydraulic and electric systems of PistenBully snow groomers were particulary explored. Participants received new, usefull knowledge as well as souvenirs from PistenBully.

Experts from following Ukrainian ski resorts were present at the training:
  • Ski Resort “Zahar Berkut” from Volosianka village;
  • Ski Resort “Pylipets” from Pylipets village;
  • Ski Resort “Magura” from Pylipets village;
  • Ski Resort “Magura” from Pylipets village;
  • "Western Rehabilitation - Sports Center" National Sports Committee Disabled Ukraine, Turka city;
  • Ski Resort “Vershyna Karpat” from the trakt of Dragobrat;
  • Ski Resort “Borzhavska Jalyna” from Izki village.