The creator did it on a large scale and many years ago.

Our expert team recently began such a process - the creation of a multifunctional all-season recreational complex with a ski component in Ukraine on a man-made (designed and built) mountain.
At this pre-design stage of detailing the concept idea, we will not yet indicate the location of this object - just for the sake of intrigue.
But today we can confidently assure everyone, from the group of investor-customer and amateur skier, all participants in the step-by-step process of realization of this very interesting and important object of recreational / tourist / sports / cultural infrastructure, as well as every future visitor. The project will be created by leading experts from Ukraine and EU countries - just for you!
Expected positive manifestations:
+ the community will receive an object on its territory, which will add self-sufficiency and community development in the following areas;
+ local children will be able to do various winter and summer sports - get a "ticket to a happy tomorrow" / rich and varied life;
+ new jobs will be created, including conditions for the manifestation and development of rural / "green" tourism;
the local budget will be replenished;
+ ukrainians and guests of the country will have a location where appropriate conditions will be created for recovery and recovery - raising a positive mood / immunity;
+ sports schools and clubs will receive sports grounds to improve their skills.

We will take the experience of this complex as a basis: - it has the following features:
+ security for the client - above all!
+ save nature for posterity!

To be continued...