The “Nivis” company has brought their revolutionary snow generating equipment to the world. Innovative technology and European quality of “Nivis” is what you were looking for!

“Nivis” made their own constructional improvement of snow generators by changing heavy and energy inefficient compressor for the “Nivis” production injector. Such improvement has lowered the price of equipment, made it more energy saving and sustainable. New system provides you with a snow pie of equal deepness on the track so all snowboarders and skiers will enjoy it.

It works without electricity

Decision to remove the compressor significantly lowered the production price and maintenance costs of the “Nivis” snow generators. One of them – snow gun “Ecostick” does not need electricity for its’ operation and thereby it saves you about 4kW of energy.

Save your money

In addition to revolutionary low electricity consumption, these snow guns and generators are highly economical in use. They need low spending on maintenance (e.g. oil change). Nozzles do not have moving parts and it makes them more long playing than the analogs. Nivis can propose manual as well as automatic computer operated systems.

Made for the future

Main feature of all “Nivis” equipment is modular construction. Snow guns are designed for use with different basses (e.g. flitches, towers, mobilesleeves etc.). Network of pumping stations and high-pressure water supplies are also modular and you can extend it to whatever size you need. “Nivis” snow guns can be easily integrated into any snow system, for example with the fan based guns.

You buy more than just snow generator!

You can order “Nivis” snow generators, high-pressure water supplies, and attachments at the Poltava-SKI company. We can also propose you our services on designing of technical buildings (pimping stations, under- and on ground communications etc.) Ski business “turnkey” – is what we do. For perfect snow, we have a reliable partner “Nivis”!