Assemblage of the garages for ropeways at the Shimbulak ski resort

PE Poltava-SKI continues to work at the Shimbulak ski resort (Kazakhstan).

Ski resort Shimbulak has been using services of the Poltava-SKI during last few years in the sphere of mounting and repairs of ropeways. In 2012 the works on LEITNER passenger ropeway were made near the capital of Kazakhstan (25 km away from the Almaty). At that time our professionals conducted the splicing of the rope and the assemblage of mechanical and electrical equipment. Nowadays there is an ongoing mechanical and electrical assembling works of 2 garages for LEITNER TMX-4-8 ropeways. Soon these garages will be ready to accept the chairs and cabins of ropeways for storage and service.


Poltava-SKI Company is ready to conduct different design, building, assemblage and repair works for ropeways “turnkey” in any part of the world
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