Instructing for drivers and mechanics for snow groomers «PistenBully»

In December 2007, "Poltava-SKI" and «Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG» supported by the administration of GC "Dragobrat" provide training snow groomers drivers.

The company "Poltava-SKI" and the firm «Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG» attach great importance not only for sales of snow groomers and equipment, but also correct technically competent to use them on the ski resorts. It is because our specialists work together on training and educational courses for drivers and mechanics snow groomers «PistenBully».

On 11-13 December at the ski resorts " Dragobrat " in Transcarpathian region of Ukraine hosted a training – coaching for drivers and mechanics snow groomers . The event was attended by experts from various mountain bases in Ukraine. Instructed everyone to Mr. Martin Norman - a specialist firm «Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG» with years of experience as a mechanic and driver of snow groomers technology. He worked for the snow groomer to the South Pole in Antarctica, having vast experience servicing these machines in extreme conditions.


All participants had opportunity to get acquainted instruction with the technical features snow groomers «PistenBully», pass a series of workshops on the snow cat 300 series (training runs for skiers). Participants could own experience to evaluate the benefits of technology «Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG», its reliability, ease of operation and high efficiency.

PE "Poltava-SKI" thanks the German partners of «Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG», as well as director of ski resort "Dragobrat" Bednyi George V. for the help in organizing the event.