About the Company Leitner

What does public transport of the future and ski lifts have in common? You will be surprised! These two as you might think incompatible things are connect by their producer – Leitner.

120 years of knowledge

Leitner has more than one hundred year’s history. The world famous company started as a small workshop producing agricultural machinery in south Tirol. After World War the Second Leitner professionals started to produce ski equipment. Today, years of experience and the piercing view through different industries gave Leitner an opportunity to develop innovative public transport and ultramodern ski lifts.

Transport of the future

Ropeways, MiniMetro and Inclined Elevators are already operating in different countries all over the world. Their main goal is to make urban highways less loaded with public transport.

Really ecological transport

Ropeways, Lifts, Inclined Elevators, Funicular Ropeways – they do not touch the ground and therefore they do not require creation of roads infrastructure. They do not have engines to pollute environment with gas. Ropeways are so much ecologically safe, that they are even recommended to be installed in natural reserved areas. Minimal noise pollution makes overground transport irreplaceable in big cities.

Only necessary things

Most of Leitner products are produced by module scheme. On one hand it gives an opportunity for ease of installment and on the other, makes it more adaptable for any conditions. Leitner lifts and ropeways always operate in order to meet customers’ needs.

The Ethic Code

Quality, reliability and security are uncompromised issues when we speak about transportation of people. That is why Leitner developed their corporative ethic code which absorbed worlds’ labor legislation as well as the highest standards of production.

The Knowledge is ahead of the desire

No matter how big our desire is it should be always supported by knowledge and experience. On this reason Leitner has such a serious altitude to education. Leitner professionals obtain annual trainings, twice a year Leitner organizes training-seminars for rope-way operators. Leitner is ready to organize individual training or master-class for their customers at any time.

Every day, every second…

These are the chronological frames for the Leitner spare parts express-delivery service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year hot-line professionals are ready to answer any technical questions, which can occur in the process of Leitner products exploitation.

PE “Poltava-SKI” is a partner of the Leitner Company in Ukraine. You can get more information about company’s products on our web-site or on the producers’ web-site.