Constructing Engineering Objects

“It’s only the visible part of an iceberg”, so say people about many things which are more difficult than they seem to be from the first view. To build a house is one part of the job another one is to connect building with all the infrastructure and communications. It is this invisible job, which Alpen BAU is doing, creates Engineering Objects, ways and communications.

Comfortable roads in any direction.

High-quality roads are strategically important in each country. One of main activities of an Alpen BAU company is building of high-quality roads and bridges. New approach to designing and nanotechnology allows building roads even in places where it was considered as impossible or economically inefficient. 

Underground arteries.

In fact none of todays’ objects can be built without underground infrastructure. Electricity cables, water and heating supply, communication lines, gas etc. – all these arteries are the guarantee of our comfort. Alpen BAU creates an infrastructure network on objects of different level – from private house to world important sport complexes.

Sport Objects.

Alpen BAU designs and constructs sport objects and facilities of different kind and difficulty. Use of ecologically safe Nano additives and high-quality building materials does not harm environment.

Struggle with waste

. Many years of experience in building landfills for rubbish and innovative building technologies allow company to create underground and on-ground objects for ecological and safe storage of domestic and industrial waste.

Water in each house.

Company constructs infrastructure of water supply, including under- and on-ground water reservoirs. High-quality and reliability of the equipment allows water supply for residential, agricultural and industrial objects to be uninterrupted in many countries of the world. 

Conquers natural forces.

Mountainous rivers, even though they look like small, hide great power and danger in them. Speed of the flow and possibility to raise water level in few minutes, it creates a need in strengthening of banks and creation of new channels. Alpen BAU conquers natural force of mountainous rivers by directing their uncontrolled flows exactly where people need it.

Noise resistant walls.

Noise pollution is a great threat for health and comfort of todays’ citizens of Megacities. Alpen BAU Company operates in construction of noise resistant structures for a long time. Attention of specialists is currently focused on prolonging the lifetime of noise resistant walls and its’ adaptation for different localities.